Our in-house pool of partners offer all the necessary insights for any board looking for organic or in-organic growth or strategic repositioning. For transaction executions we act as lead arrangers along with our strategic alliances to complete the task from inception till regulatory approval.


In M&A arena we identify opportunities, contact possible targets, advise on bidding process, valuation, structuring and negotiation, assist on acquisition financing and provide other required advisory services. We have experience advising both buy-side and sell-side, for acquisition and divestment transactions.

Our unique approach is to identify opportunities that are not being actively marketed. This benefits our client from non-competitive situations. Our ability to identify and pre-qualify targets on a confidential basis has proven to be key to our past successes.

Where conditions permit, we are also minority principal investors providing further comfort to the buy side.

Capital Arrangement & Transaction Advisory

We selectively look for private equity opportunities for our international investors looking to invest in to Bangladesh, and advise them accordingly. We work closely with our clients through every stage of the transaction, providing end-to-end service. In addition, we are also active in arranging international equities for public limited companies.

On debt arrangement, our experienced team helps our clients to create and execute the most suitable financial structure. We leverage our strong relationships and market knowledge to identify the best suited institutions, both locally and globally, for our clients. We are able to run a competitive process in order to identify, a financing solution that optimizes the level of debt at most favorable terms and conditions.

Specialized Advisory Services

Where client require specialized advisory services, be it restructuring their balance sheet, or looking for efficient company structures to efficient tax management, or consolidating their businesses, we offer, specialized advisory services. Capital planning, acquisition financing strategies, LBO, restructuring the balance sheet and negotiation are all part of our tools.